Book Key Cutting if You've Lost Your Only Car Keys in London

Replacing a lost car key is a hassle, though less so than you might think. And if you have no spare to use as a template the situation gets more tricky again. That's the bad news. The good news is that Lock Your Door has a special service for people like you, who've lost car keys and have no spare in London.

What's Different About Car Key Cutting Without a Spare?

Before your auto locksmith can do anything they'll have to identify your key type and series. By using your vehicle documentation your technician finds the information they need to know to replace any sort of key, including transponder keys and electronic remotes. This service is suitable not just for cars but also for vans, motorcycles or any other vehicle.

Documents Needed to Provide Your London Car Key Replacement Service

To identify your key your locksmith will need to know:

  • Your vehicle make, model, registration number and year of manufacture
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (you'll find this in your V5 log book)

Before providing you with a new key your technician will need to see:

  • Evidence of your identity and current address
  • Proof that you're the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle, or in some other way entitled to order a key for it

Setting Up Your Service

There isn't an hour of the day or night when the roads are empty, so it follows that car keys can get lost, or stolen anytime. And that's when car key cutting is available - anytime. To get your quote and set up a service:

  • Call the Lock Your Door support line
  • Explain that you've lost your car key in London and have no spare
  • Once the customer service adviser has gathered the relevant information you'll get a price
  • If you want to confirm your service immediately you'll have the option to do so

Reasons to Choose Lock Your Door for Car Key Replacement in London

  • Key replacement is available for any type of vehicle and any sort of key
  • Locksmiths come to you, so you don't need to worry about getting your car to a dealership
  • Services are available 24/7
  • In an emergency you'll be offered a fast response service - your auto locksmith will arrive in around 30 minutes
  • Your work is completed by reference-vetted and insured, fully qualified technicians
  • Your service is guaranteed