Call Now to Set Up Your Broken Key Removal in London

When the worst has happened and your key has gotten trapped in the lock, let us help you. Our service for broken key removal in London means we can have a specialist with you in around half an hour. They'll have everything necessary to achieve access for you once again. And they can even sometimes cut you a new key on the spot, so you're ready to get on with your life instantly...

Why Let Us Help You?

  • It'll take less than an hour for us to have a professional locksmith at your address in London
  • Every technician on our team is an expert in what they do
  • There aren't any limits in terms of the type of lock we can assist you with
  • We meet and beat all industry quality standards, including the BS3621
  • Insurance and guarantee cover protect you throughout your service and for six months afterwards

Stuck Key? No Problem:

After checking out the problem you're having closely, your specialist will get right to work. For mechanical locks, they'll be using a set of tools which almost look like lock picks to hook the broken part of your key out of the lock.

Once this has been removed they're usually able to provide key cutting on the spot. The mobile workshop in the back of your team's van is almost always able to accommodate this, so if you haven't got a spare set of keys, this is the ideal solution.

The Booking Procedure

  • Give us a call and let us know about the help you need - we're on the line 24/7
  • Ask for a free quote if you want one or pose any queries that you might have at your convenience
  • Finalise your booking time for any day of the week or the weekend

Why We Only Send Expert Locksmiths to You in London

Getting a stuck key out of a lock might sound like a simple job, but without the expertise and top of the line tools, things get a whole lot more difficult. We only ever send qualified and trusted professionals to your door. So when you need broken key removal in London, you know you'll be in good hands when you come to us.